“Varieties of Animalism”Philosophy Compass (2016).
Abstract: Animalism in its basic form is the view that we are animals. Whether it is a thesis about anything else – like what the conditions of our persistence through time are or whether we’re wholly material things – depends on the facts about the persistence conditions and ontology of animals. Thus, I will argue, there are different varieties of animalism, differing with respect to which other theses are taken in conjunction with animalism in its basic form. The different varieties of animalism vary in credibility: some varieties are supported by arguments that are irrelevant to others, and some varieties are susceptible to objections that others can resist. Adequately distinguishing between varieties of animalism is thus an important preliminary to assessing them. In this paper, I’ll present and argue for a taxonomy of the most distinctive varieties.

“Disembodied Animals”American Philosophical Quarterly (Forthcoming).
Abstract: In this paper, I defend a hylomorphic version of animalism according to which we survive as immaterial, bodiless animals after death. According to the hylomorphism I am assuming, a soul survives death, and according to the animalism I’m assuming, I am necessarily an animal. One might think this entails that I don’t survive death since if I were to survive my death, I would be both an immaterial thing and an animal after death, but necessarily animals are material. I show that the hylomorphic animalist can overcome this problem in a way that respects our intuitions about animals being material. In addition, I defend the hylomorphic animalist who thinks we can survive death from the objection that her view introduces an insoluble mereological puzzle

Book Reviews
Review of Libertarian Free Will: Contemporary Debates (David Palmer, ed.)Faith and Philosophy (2016).
Review of Animalism: New Essays on Persons, Animals, and Identity (Stephan Blatti and Paul Snowdon, eds.), Review of Metaphysics (Forthcoming).

In Progress
“Petitionary Prayer: Wanting to Change the Mind of the Being Who Knows Best”
Abstract: On the standard understanding of petitionary prayer, the purpose of prayer is to make a difference to what God will do. In this article, I offer a novel argument that such an activity doesn’t make sense.

“How to Argue for Animalism”
Abstract: I evaluate the most popularly cited arguments for animalism and show that none of them support the most popular varieties of animalism, ones that imply that our persistence conditions are the persistence conditions of animals. For any of those arguments to yield the popular varieties of animalism requires the connecting principle that Animal is concept under which something must fall for its whole existence if it falls under the concept at all. Though the standard animalist project hinges on this principle, virtually no one defends it. I argue that that principle should be the focus of the debate, and I propose three arguments for it.